Monday, 5 November 2012

Top tips to prepare your child to be photographed

Top tips to prepare your child to be photographed
 I thought I'd share some advice on preparing your child for a photographic shoot or just home photo's ingeneral 

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Try letting them choose their outfit (give them a few options to choose from - not the whole wardrobe)
Try to dress them in simple colours – not to many colours that deter your attention away from the child. Boys always look good in colour that closely resemble their eye colours. Try not to dress them in anything that has a lot of big writing on the front. Girls obviously always look great in pinks and yellows and bright blues…
Wash their hair the night before 
Girls look lovely with over sized clips, flowers or hairbands in their hair - colours that match their outfit are best
Bring a few accessories for both girls and boys anything you think would look good in a picture, girls especially love accessories – boys love their ride on’s – bring it along even if it doesn’t get used.  
Stand behind the photographer - To help the photographer - we are trying to get the child to look into the camera for best results 
Try arranging your shoot early in the day - they are in their best moods then and are more inclined to pose and do things for the camera 
Make sure their tummies are full and they are well rested – grumpy, hungry children do not photograph that well!
Things to bring along to a photo shoot: 
  • As few people as possible, preferably one parent/carer to one child (this eliminates distractions and can help when a shy or spirited child needs a bit more encouragement to sit or stand for a portrait)
  •  A entire outfit change - as accidents happen and we want everything too look good and match 
  • WIPES (lots of them)
  • A favourite toy or comforter (this helps easy the child in a new environment or unfamiliar environment)
  • For girls - hair brushes, clips, hairbands 
  • Snacks (dry snacks) biscuits, apples raisons - snacks that wont spill or stain. 
  • Water to drink (not juice as juice can cause stains and hype the little ones up)
When in doubt contact the photographer and ask their opinion. 

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Grumpy child photography
Happy child photography tips

How to sparkle by made in chelsea stars ...

I do love Made in Chelsea 
...even if its made in cheese...

A few words from the fabulously wealthy !

Here we select 10 of Boulle's most precious gems:
* "Agree a price up front and get it in writing. My mother got my first ever invoice after I'd fixed the video recorder when I was nine. But we hadn't agreed a price beforehand. She fleeced me on the deal, claiming that my payment was continued food, shelter and lifts to school. A tough, but necessary, life lesson."
* "Networking isn't a nine-to-five activity, it's a way of life. I never stop networking, whether I'm working out, having a picnic or playing polo …. Be discreet. Best not to approach anyone at funerals or AA meetings. Generally, it's bad form to network in places of worship, with the exception of banks."
* "Tweet enough, but not too much. Anything more than once an hour makes you look like a twaddict."
* "The holy trinity of money management: spend a third, save a third, invest a third. This concept was illustrated by my mother when she gave me my first allowance, at five, and subsequently took two-thirds back: one third for my piggy bank and one third to invest in my burgeoning stamp collection.
Cheers, Mumsy."
* "Remember to feed and water your staff, and reward them with day trips to the zoo."
* "Always have an exit strategy in business, but keep it legal. Best to exit without handcuffs."
* "Surround yourself with success and intelligence – both are infectious."
* "Approach the early stages of relationships as a classic military campaign. Reading The Art of War is much more useful than Cosmo at the beginning. Getting yourself into the power position is critical – the same as claiming the hill in a battle."
* "Try to befriend people called Stephen, or any derivative of the name. They seem more successful than the rest of the population."
* "Throw as many parties as you can afford. It positions you at the centre of your ever-expanding network. Everyone needs a Gatsby in their life."

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Love photographica takes off

Love photographica takes off

I recently did my first school shoot and absolutely LOVED IT and the KIDS!
Best move of my life 
I love capturing the feelings and expression and personality of the little kiddy winks.

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Hungry Caterpillar Party

Tristan Turns 2
Hungry Caterpillar Party

It happened on the hotest day of the year and the cake started to melt before we could cut it !

Sunday, 29 July 2012

An Olympic weekend

Olympics London 2012

So it was the opening ceremony in London this weekend - Olympics 2012 
The opening ceremony apparently cost 26 Million pounds to produce... It was a very british ceremony and I think a few hits and misses (no Beijing - but it didn't need to be ) - but over all very very nice display - especially James bond and the Queen jumping out the plane and my favourite -  the most amazing cauldron ... pictured below...
This is my first Olympics that I can actually attend - and to be honest I have never thought much of the Olympics - living in Africa most of my life its not talked or promoted much... But I'm an olympic convert now... It is rather inspiring to see these men and women give it there all! I've never really understood the hype or the reasoning behind the Olympics - but I think it was best explained at the opening ceremony perfectly. The olympics is about the goodness in mankind... its a demonstration of goodness and the best that man can be - its a time of sharing in camaraderie and the spirit of sportsmanship. A celebration of good clean fun... 
That with the fact that the mens and womens cycle race came through our town and pretty much right past our house, has got me the buzz with Olympic fever.... So who am I routing for ? South Africa (as I'm born and bread there), Germany (as both my parents are German ) and England (as this has been my home for the last 5 years)... That way I can get excited about more gold medals and get to be more interested ... 

The family infront of Bushy park gate - waiting for the cyclist to arrive... 

Racing to catch the players
Womens road race

Bushy park

Friday, 20 July 2012

A Jubilees weekend

A Jubilees weekend

We recently enjoyed the Queens Jubeliee... It was almost as if it was a follow on to last years Kate and Will wedding... We had a street party in our new street we are now living in. It was ever so well planned and organised ! The kids and my Hubby and myself enjoyed ourselves emenscly...

It gave us a real sence of community - which I thought was wonderful. We met our neighbours who we have never met before and being the newbies on the block it was really welcoming... I feel that on a yearly basis we should have a community street party - it brings such a sense of belonging a world so changed - where there are no more nucleus families and everyone lives all over the globe and you no longer live in the same town for your hole life...

The UK is the land of tea and cake ... how awesome are these cupcakes...
The queen came round to say HI!
English Roses ...
There was more cake and cupcakes at this event than sense... but oh where they SO yummy
My jubilee biscuits

Some more backed goodies... I was rather busy...
My beautiful baby princess ...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Natural Life Mom

Natural Life Mom

Came across a lovely Mom in the states and she wrote a wonderful little article...

For a link to her sight click here... natural life mom

10 Things I’d Like New Moms to Know

Here’s my list of 10 things I think new moms should know, just in case you don’t already. :)
Breastfeeding offers benefits for both mother ...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. Take the first 2 weeks and lay in bed with baby. Have other people in place to do everything else that needs done.Freeze some meals ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about food (and have full instructions on each meal so you don’t have to look that up and anyone will be able to just follow the instructions.)
  2. It’s okay if baby sleeps in bed with you. It’s okay if baby sleeps in a crib. The key is that mama and baby are both getting some sleep. I found it a lot easier for me to get sleep and for baby to sleep happily (read: not wake up crying in the night) if we shared a bed and it was a lot easier to nurse her as well. But your baby may be different. I promise you though, baby will make his/her preference VERY clear from the beginning. :) Just be sure your following safe sleep practices for wherever baby sleeps and you’re good to go! (The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper is a wonderful compromise between crib sleeping and bed sharing. My baby did not like it, but yours may love it. It allows you to have separate sleep areas but still be close for nursing so mom doesn’t need to get out of bed!)
  3. Recovery is hard for some moms (myself included!) even if you had an intervention-free birth. Give yourself time to heal…lots of time. Your body will tell you to slow down by increasing the flow of lochia so just listen to your body, and don’t feel pressure to jump back into the flow of life too soon.
  4. Breastfeeding is hard for some moms (once again, myself included.) You can do it, but it can feel pretty hopeless at the beginning. Line up support before the birth if you still have time. Have a lactation consultant’s number handy and call some up ahead of time to see if they will make home visits. Some doulas will offer postpartum breastfeeding support, too so be sure to ask that when you are interviewing doulas.
  5. It’s important for YOU to take care of the baby. I know your friends and family are dying to get a hold of that baby, but it’s okay to limit that time. It’s best even to limit that time. If family are coming to stay with you, make this clear up front that they are there to help YOU and that means cooking, cleaning, helping with an older sibling, etc. and allowing YOU to care for the baby. Of course they can get some baby snuggles in now and then, but they should not spend the whole visit sitting and holding the baby. When I had family come stay for a week, I ended up actually getting less rest, having more stress and overdoing it. I also only held the baby when she needed to nurse. This time I’ve prepared lists to help show what needs to be done around the house so it will be easy for family to chip in and allow me to be the one to care for baby.
  6. You can’t hold your baby too much. It’s not possible. Ignore anyone that suggests otherwise.
  7. Your doctor isn’t God. It’s okay to question your doctor. If he/she can’t handle that, time to look for a new one. Really. I’m amazed at the misinformation and outright inaccuracies doctors will tell their patients. (Luckily not mine. He’s awesome.) Locally I’ve heard some crazy things from friends and acquaintances that doctors have stated as fact. (As recent as this week, a local doctor told a mom her breastmilk loses all nutritional value at one year old, WHAT?!?)
  8. Listen to your gut, your heart, your intuition, whatever you want to call it. It’s right 99.9%. And listen to your baby, too. Combine the two and you have a recipe for success!
  9. If you have a good sling or carrier, you can do a whole lot of things pretty easily with your baby (and not get stuck carrying around those insanely heavy car seat bucket things or navigating a bulky stroller). You can evennurse in one and no one will even know. ;)
  10. Your baby is the best thing in the whole entire world and don’t let anyone convince you any differently. :)