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Top tips to prepare your child to be photographed

Top tips to prepare your child to be photographed
 I thought I'd share some advice on preparing your child for a photographic shoot or just home photo's ingeneral 

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Try letting them choose their outfit (give them a few options to choose from - not the whole wardrobe)
Try to dress them in simple colours – not to many colours that deter your attention away from the child. Boys always look good in colour that closely resemble their eye colours. Try not to dress them in anything that has a lot of big writing on the front. Girls obviously always look great in pinks and yellows and bright blues…
Wash their hair the night before 
Girls look lovely with over sized clips, flowers or hairbands in their hair - colours that match their outfit are best
Bring a few accessories for both girls and boys anything you think would look good in a picture, girls especially love accessories – boys love their ride on’s – bring it along even if it doesn’t get used.  
Stand behind the photographer - To help the photographer - we are trying to get the child to look into the camera for best results 
Try arranging your shoot early in the day - they are in their best moods then and are more inclined to pose and do things for the camera 
Make sure their tummies are full and they are well rested – grumpy, hungry children do not photograph that well!
Things to bring along to a photo shoot: 
  • As few people as possible, preferably one parent/carer to one child (this eliminates distractions and can help when a shy or spirited child needs a bit more encouragement to sit or stand for a portrait)
  •  A entire outfit change - as accidents happen and we want everything too look good and match 
  • WIPES (lots of them)
  • A favourite toy or comforter (this helps easy the child in a new environment or unfamiliar environment)
  • For girls - hair brushes, clips, hairbands 
  • Snacks (dry snacks) biscuits, apples raisons - snacks that wont spill or stain. 
  • Water to drink (not juice as juice can cause stains and hype the little ones up)
When in doubt contact the photographer and ask their opinion. 

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