Sunday, 8 July 2012

If a Women Needs It, Should she be spanked ???

If a Women Needs It, Should she be spanked ???

So this article in set in the 1950s Brooklyn Men All Agree: Women Need To Be Spanked!!!
It was a real eye opener article for me - it really reminded me of what the world used to be like. I remember my mother telling me how male dominated South Africa was in the 1970's when they first moved to South Africa. When my mother wanted to open a bank account for me - she had to bring my father in to the bank to sign the paper work because women where not allowed to open bank accounts !!! 

So why has this article surfaces 50 years later- it actually has little to do with women's rights but more a realisation of what will the future hold with regards to spanking children ?? Will we see an article like this in 50 years times about children - in a world that is changed and spanking free ???

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