Friday, 29 June 2012

Hortons Animal Farm becomes Hobble Downs

Hobble Downs

I absolutely love going and exploring new places and Hortons used to be a favourite haunt of mine and the kids and now its under gone a major face lift and become Hobble Downs... I am so excited - It LOOKS AMAZING!!! Hortons is where I took my Michaela the day before Tristan was born and 2 days after my mother arrived on holiday... I remember being HUGE!!! Seriously HUGE !!! I picked up 20kg with my son and he was posterior - so he lay right on my spine... I remember thinking these are my last alone memories with my baby girl and I would soon have to share my affections with another baby - I almost felt like I was going to be cheating on her ! I felt terribly guilty the first few months and found it incredibly hard to split my affections between my new born and my 18 month old... But all is good now and almost 2 years on - we are a happy little adventurous family unit... and Hobble Downs looks like a great adventure place ... I AM SO EXCITED !!!! We have anxiously been awaiting the opeing and its almost here ... 18 JULY 2012. 

The plans 

The completed adventure play ground - Cool !!!

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