Friday, 18 May 2012

For Fudge Sakes and Sherbet

For Fudge Sakes and Sherbet

Ok so occasionally my potty mouth comes out to play - generally its kept in a tight locked box especially around my kids. But every now and then I loose my cool and a swear word pops out ! It happens - right and if it doesn't happen to you well - well done then... some of us are just rather imperfect - proudly me ( the queen of imperfect and loving it - imperfection makes for interesting conversations)...

So any hoo - we recently moved house and we had to obtain a licence to park on our street. There is no parking between 8-10am unless you have a licence. Now we have a drive way and for some reason the night before I parked on the road and forgot the parking laws kick in at 8am - Well in the midst of morning caos. I was trying to do my hair, dress the kids, wipe bums and noses, do my daughters hair etc (the usual morning song & dance) - I had obviously forgot to move the car and my husband went out side to get something from the car as he came in my heart sank (I just knew it),  he called up to me  - Hey BABE - you got a £120 parking fine for parking outside our own house ! Crazy right ! And no you cant appeal - no licence - no quashed fine. AAAAHHHH ! So you can imagine ( we just moved house (lots of new bills )) and £120 to top it off in morning caos. So out of my mouth comes a great bit OH SH1T !!!! 

This was done in full ear shot of my shocked 3 year old daughter. Who promptly turned around and said - what did you say Mommy - did you say OH SH1T ? What does that mean ? OOOOPPPPSSS (BAD MOMMY)! Think quick - think quick - come back from this - No dear mommy said OH Sherbet ! - OH - Missy Moo Moo says half heartily - totally not believing me - I can see that - what ever mom - look in my 3 year old going on 13 year olds face.

So later that day she's sitting quietly on the floor doing her puzzles all angelic like - ah (rare moment) and starts to battle to get one of the pieces in - I hear her mumble something that sounds like Sh1t ! I kept quiet - so I purposely would not draw attention and make sure that is what she said - and 3 more times till it was super clear OH SH!T. 
Monkey see monkey do ! Monkey hear monkey say... I explained to her that SH!t was a grown up word and mommy shouldn't have said and if she wants to say it she should say OH SHERBET because sherbet is yummy and children like that ... Luckily this strategy worked... so far so good we have a few sherbets and fudge floating around but mostly its just Oh dears or Silly Banana's. Better than when I was a kid - I remember getting pepper put on my tongue by my nanny ( I would never do that to my kid - pretty hectic if you ask me - and it wasn't even my mom doing it, it was someone else - ah the 80's). The other favourite was washing your mouth out with soap - WTH ! Why would you make your kid put soap in their mouth

Another favourite now is FOR FUDGE SAKES - this one was complements of my my husbands blunderings!

 Needless to say our house now religiously swear in sweets 

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