Friday, 18 May 2012

Dear Ella You are GREAT

Dear Ella You are GREAT

I had this wonderful upcycled lunchbag hand delivered to me the other day. I dont know what I was more excited about - the fact that I actually won something, or that it was made from recycled material  (to clever), or that it was from one of my favourite kids food manufactures... I have used Ella for both my kids and still do even though they are 3 and 18 months ... 

Anyway they have brought out a new range of goodies and yummies - see poster below. 
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Wonderful Ella's Kitchen Upcycled Lunchbag

Ella's kitchen
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Hello Tanja,
Say hello to our NEW healthy, handy and fun foods in the fridge!
We've been busy creating 3 deeelicious new dairy recipes to help little
ones from 6 months on their tiny taste bud journey, with the perfect
tastes, textures and ingredients for each exciting stage of weaning.
In our pots of dairy yumminess you'll find:
NO added refined sugar or salt
NO concentrates or juices
NO E numbers or GM
NO gluten
NO fancy stuff and nothing artificial
100% simple organic ingredients and 0% other stuff, just like mums + dads would mix up at home (but we've done it for you)!
smooth + scrummy fromage frais
Perfect for baby's very first
dairy tastes - great as a snack
or yummy dessert! I'm the
perfect size for tiny tummies
and in each pack you'll find a
dazzling duo of flavours: 3
mango pots and 3 banana. Yum!
teeny creamy rice pudding with vanilla
Terrific textured ingredients
make our rice pud the
perfect healthy dessert for
hungry little explorers from
7 months. Plus, the little blue
pot is the perfect portion for
tiny tummies.
teeny creamy rice pudding with vanilla
chilled out thick + fruity yoghurt!
Perfect for little ones from
12 months who are ready to
start tucking into food all on
their own, our yoghurt is so
thick + creamy it won't slip off
the spoon when mum + dad
aren't looking! Each pack has
double the deliciousness with
2 yummy flavours: pineapple +
mango and strawberry + pear!
They're legen-dairy... and you can
They're legen-dairy... and you canWaitrose
and online atOcadonow!
Pop onto Ella's Facebook or tweet us to let us know what your little ones
think of our moo-mentous NEW fromage frais, rice pudding + yoghurt!
Ella's Dad
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