Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cakeless, Sweetless kids party...

Cakeless, sweetless kids party...

Look I'm all for feeding your kids healthy foods... I'm the first to tut at a mom feeding her 3 year old child diet coke with a piece of chocolate cake for lunch... but I recently went to an end of term party where I took a vanilla sponge cake with lemon icing - very bland on my standards... and was promptly told that this was a NO NO !!!! (how embarrassing) ( It was a good thing I didn't wip out one of my bright yellow duck biscuits or bright pink and blue easter bunny biscuits )

Yes I know we are not meant to eat junk or high sugar foods let alone feed our children delicious sweet things ... but is it not the extreme that at a party you omit all wonderful sweet things hence omitting the joys children experience tasting awesome amazing treats, robbing them of simple little pleasures??

One of my mommy friends made a wonderful comment - How would you feel if you never got to taste a wonderful red Lindt ball chocolate ball or a wonderful Cadbury's chocolate or an ice cream - as an adult you probably would feel think - "AW - I wish i could have some" - Well I know I would... (Being on diet permanently I know the feeling and I constantly feel like that)

In South Africa there really is no limit to E-numbers and brightly coloured shocking pink or burnt orange drinks and deep blue ice creams. Every where you go when I'm in South Africa lovely people give (not offer - give ) my kids bright red sweets and blue ice cream that stains their lips for a good day afterwards it makes them have mini tantrums and run around like made creatures... ( there is very little regulation when it comes to food ingredients in SA (South Africa)) Now here is the trick - I really HATE ( I cringe internally every time ) these side affects of these wonder foods but if I dont let them try sweets and have a little fun within a controlled environment how will they be when my back is turned... They would sneak off , hide sweets and possibly hord them - becoming obsessive and manic with these forbid contrabands - they would never speak with me about them - at least I'm creating dialog about  about sore tummies from to much and going crazy from these substances of "joy". 

Am I a bad mom for having sweets at my children's parties or am I preparing them for life when there will be loads of contraban around and they will have to make their own decisions - or is childhood not meant to be filled with wonderful memories of eating cakes and lollies at special occations ( not every day - special occasions only and the odd treat ).

I dont think our children will sprial into obesety if given the odd sponge cake at a party or am I just completely wrong ??? Am I setting my children up for obesity or worse yet sugar addiction - turning them into little sugar crack junkies... 
Which looks more like a party ?? What looks more fun ???
Is it not all about moderation and education rather than elimination? Eliminations only makes children become manic, frantic and ill equipped to control themselves around these carefully crafted addictive treats. We need to show them - while sweets and treats are deliciously wonderful they can hurt you and not be good for you - but how else will they know if we dont show them and teach them control and moderation. 

Helpful links - You choose - ARE YOU FOR OR AGAINST SWEETS ?

The guys for sweets

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So in the words of Marie Antoinette -
What are your thoughts on sweets and cakes at parties ??? 


David Kent said...

Kids must be kids. Kids must eat sweets.

Debbie Morris said...

LOL, here in SA the doctors are the first to whip out a bright red sherbet filled lolly after the appointment! Oh well, I am a bad mom too because I agree with you! As with everything in life, balance and modesty is the key!

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