Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Home made play dough - so easy !!!

Vanilla smelling home made play dough with glitter.... 
One Helper needed!!!

A bit of elbow greece

Adding colouring 
Get in there my baby

Making patterns using different toy

Wonderful colours
who said you had to cut out sticking is just as fun

Happy chappy - Fun full morning activity

super concentration

Mom I made a bang - el ( Michaela saying bangle )

How to make play dough

Some pics of how we made ours...

I tend to add my vanilla essence now ,
so it can boil out the liquid

Mix all the ingredients together in a sauce pan
Give it a good mix - no lumpy bits
This bit I let Michaela do

Stove not switched on...

Checking for lumps

As you heat it it will start to go lumpy - this is good keep mixing
Dont let it burn
Keep the heat low and do this slowly

It will clump together eventually
The slower you cook it the less likely it will start to make that crumbly feeling.
Leave some moisture in it - not so that its stick - you can add colour now if you like and
 if it is a bit sticky just reheat it slowly

dont let it burn

It will eventually all pull away from the side and stick together like this - very play dough like

Me  doing a play dough pinch test - not to sticky see ?

Plays and folds nicely... READY !!!!!!!

Add your colouring and kneed it in...
Remember if it is sticky after adding smellies or colours just reheat a bit till it evaporates out...
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elderflowertea said...

Hi there. I'm here to comment on your blog =)

JoanneC said...

This takes me back to being little and playing with pastry instead of play doh. :3 Can't beat the smell of the original stuff though!!

Sherry said...

I haven't made play doh in years thanks for the reminder! A fun time for Mom and the kids!!

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