Sunday, 8 January 2012

To discipline or not discipline

So what is the right thing to do... I have a very hard headed 3 year old - who loves dramatising the situation. With that being said i'm quite stubborn too and a bit of a control freak. Its a real battle for me every day to stay calm - my daughter loves to push my buttons...
A couple of small tricks i've used is walking away from a situation and time outing my daughter and myself... lol. I do find time out - 1 min for each year of a childs life is very beneficial for all parties involved. 3 min for a 3 year old is a long time ! even for me i thought it was a long time... but hey presto at the end of our 3min egg timer i've calmed down and she's calmed down. The trick is being consistant ! I've even timed out my daughter in M & S. Key is lots of hugs cuddles and saying sorry afterwards...

I LOVE Super nanny... so here's a useful link ...Super Nanny - discipline

Any other advice is appreciated 

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