Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Journey back into the property ladder...

The trip begins

So I have just found a new source of admiration. As a creative person, with little family around me , except my husband and my kids i'm constantly looking to out side sources for guidance and inspiration.

I have always had a huge passion for property and business... Hence I have had and lost both ... not good ... Partly because of over inflated ego's and ignorance of youth and lack of guidances. Also my business and properties where in South Africa and now I'm living in the UK - massive difference. But i figure if i can own a few properties in the UK generating some kind of income - i'm doing well for myself and it's money for my retirement and for when i want to enjoy my grandchildren ... 

Ever since I can remember or heard about the word business empire - have wanted one ! Why ? Because with it comes so much freedom and a sense of accomplishment . I have never done well with being told what to do and having a boss (especially the kind that micro mange (you know the kind)). Hence I have always wanted to make my own money. 

So almost 10 years later i'm attempting my empire again ... a true entrepreneur never gives up ... we might go into hibernation (or have 2 babies in 3 years ) but never think we are gone! raaa ... ok womens lib thing done... 

So I've just started reading Vicki Wushe's book Using other peoples money... 
Its relevant , current (printed and written in 2012), and she's a women ( we like women role models - yay) and i'm desperate to become financially independent without having to give my kids away to a nanny 24-7 ... I'm hoping property will do this for us as a family... 

I'm also starting to think how I would like my children to see me in the future - what i would like them to model them selves against. I would hope it will be a sense of being financially independent  - free of a boss and running their own independent empires - if they so feel they want to do that... but in the mean time i just want to embed a good work ethic in them. 

Thats about it for now ... lets see what the next few weeks hold in store for me ... I'm hoping by blogging about it it will keep me focused and motivated as I distract myself easily with life.

ok part one of process - WHY BOTHER - getting my mind in the right place ! FOCUS (rocky music)

So why do i want to do this ?
Why do i need to do this ?

I want this because :
I want to because I feel I owe it to my brain, and myself to push myself to achieve more than what I have already achieved. 
And I like to give. I like to give and help those that need help the most - and unfortunately money does make the world go round. 
I want to show my children the world ! I believe travel to be invaluable to growing your mind and your children's mind ... I traveled alot as a young adult and it taught me the world (literally)
I want my husband to not be the soul bread winner ! I want him to be able to relax at home or on holiday if he really wants to ... I want my husband to see his children grow up and not just pop in out of their lives due to work. 
I want us to be able to grow our passions and personalities - through diving , fish tank building ( just down time to do what we want to do)

I need this because:
I need to do this for my retirement ! I need money coming into my bank account for when i'm old and cant help myself so i am not a burdon to my children. So i can grow old dignified and not rotting somewhere with poor care. I'd rather grow old on holiday or jet setting than in a care home... and i'd rather have my kids and their kids with me while i'm doing that (tickets are expensive) 

To be continued ...

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